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Exit Strategy

"Exit Starategy"
8.9TUE - 8.28SUN 2022

8/9TUE-28SUN 2022
13:00-20:00 Closed on MON, TUE
*Open 13:00-22:00 only on Tuesday, August 9

2022年8月LAID BUGにて、K. T. Kobelによるソロエキシビジョン「Exit Strategy」を開催します。

ロンドン出身のアーティストK. T. Kobelは、現在オランダ、アムステルダムを拠点に活動しています。これまでに、LAのアンダーグラウンドアートシーンを体現するギャラリーHVW8 Galleryや、Ace Hotel Kyoto など、世界各地で展示を開催してきました。



本展「Exit Strategy」では5作品からなる連作が5つ、計25点の新作ペインティングが展示・販売されます。Kobel作品を、一つの空間で連作として鑑賞できる貴重な機会に、是非足をお運びください。

Exhibition Statement:
Exit Strategy (2022) is a series of paintings that address the nature of meaning within suspended moments of the human experience. Traversing the grey areas of desperation, intimacy, violence, and self doubt.
A series of coded images, replete with ambiguity that manipulate the mundane into a moment of something mysterious and at times foreboding. Opposing binaries are created between the isolated figures and their surroundings where at first glance it becomes a woven tapestry of seemingly unrelated narratives.
Drawing on imagery from personal experience and various found media the paintings are paired with one another to explore new sets of associations and are cast into a competing foray of contrasting meaning.
The work being purposefully rendered in a cinematic manner is hung like frames from a short film in which the viewer is invited to watch a surrealistic reflection of being placed in an absolute moment.
By confronting the image we are forced to create the meaning, this in itself is a kind of truth, a telling of ourselves as we Infer our own bias and narrative upon the paintings.

K. T. Kobel b.1988 London, UK. Lives and works in Amsterdam, NL. Kobel’s work deals with the grey areas of human experience to help bring coherence and closure to the disorder and chaos of trauma, expressed through a personal style of visual obscurity and concealed meaning. Often pairing imagery to highlight the ambiguity that lies within the mundane and the absurd. As a figurative painter, his works are characterised by often foreboding scenarios, rendered distinctly with airbrush which gives a soft contrast to the sometimes extreme subject matter.

Notable recent exhibitions include:
Einhundert Verschwendete Jahre/ One Hundred Wasted Years - HVW8 Gallery LA, 2022
Good Photo - Ace Hotel Kyoto, 2022

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